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Breaking the Mystery of China's Economic Development

Updated: 2023-11-15



Author: Cai Fang

Publisher: China Social Sciences Press

Publication Time: October 2014

ISBN: 978-7-5161-3848-9

This book explains why China's reform and opening up can successfully promote high-speed economic growth. With the factual description and economic analysis, it briefly narrates the history of China's successful development in the past 30 years, which has led to unprecedented improvements in people's quality of life. 

Based on the new situation that has emerged in economic development, the author makes an assessment on the stage of China's economic development and the new challenges. The book proposes a path to institutional dividends through reform, maintain sustained economic growth, cross the middle-income stage, and achieve a transition to the high-income stage. It not only reveals the characteristics of China's experience, but also summarizes its general reference significance for other developing countries. In response to the misconceptions of "China Collapse Theory", "China Threat Theory", and other domestic and international misconceptions, it provides an analysis and clarification by using Chinese experience and international comparisons.

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