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Why is rural E-commerce successful? A sociological analysis of the mechanism for actualizing technological dividends


​This article, based on the study of cases involving the application of e-commerce technology in Chinese rural areas, discusses the basic conditions for developing e-commerce villages and proposes a mechanism for actualizing the benefts of e-commerce technology.

Achievements, experiences and challenges of the battle against poverty in China's ethnic minority areas: focusing on the "three areas and three prefectures"


​The incidence of poverty in three of China's provinces (Qinghai, Guizhou and Yunnan) and fve of its autonomous regions (Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Tibet, Ningxia, and Xinjiang) is greater than the national average.

The Effects of E‐Commerce on Regional Poverty Reduction: Evidence from China's Rural E‐Commerce Demonstration County Program


​This paper uses the Rural E-Commerce Demonstration County (REDC) policy to estimate the effect of e-commerce on poverty reduction.

Rural Industry and Its Social Foundation in the Integrated Urban-Rural Development Process: A Case Study of Processing in Remote Villages under the Jurisdiction of City L, Zhejiang Province


​Rural industry provides an important basis for rural revitalization, and its development can promote urban-rural integration.

Corporate Power for Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from the Poverty Alleviation Results of Chinese Listed Companies


Government-led poverty alleviation faces multiple constraints and limitationsfighting poverty, and it is urgent to mobilize social forces as many as possible,especially the involvement of corporate forces.

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