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Expounding Neo-Confucianism: Choice of Tradition at a Time of Dynastic Change—Cultural Conflict and the Social Reconstruction of Early Qing


During the Ming-Qing dynastic transition, the contradictions and conflicts arising from the different political systems...

Nation, Buzu and the Formation of the Huaxia Nation


The nation can be broken down into two categories: "ancient nations" and "modern nations."

Theoretical Reflections on the Formation of Early States in China


​Unlike the ancient Greek, Roman and German states, ancient Chinese states took a path of harmonious construction which did not involve abolition of the clan system.

Miaodigounization and Erlitounization: the formation and evolution of the Hua-Xia ethnic group and Hua-Xia tradition from the perspective of archaeology


What is Hua-Xia? How and when did the Hua-Xia ethnic group and Hua-Xia tradition come into being?

The "Proto-State"/"Chiefdom" Controversy and the Study of the Origins of Chinese Civilization


​"Proto-state" and "chiefdom" are two major theories used in exploring the origin of Chinese civilization.

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