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China's Revolutionary Transition towards Carbon Neutrality and Prevention of Relevant Risks


​Achieving carbon neutrality requires the fundamental transformation of the development paradigm, the disruptive technologies.

Reshaping the Relationship between Environment and Development


This study investigates the sustainability implications of the theoretical models of industrialization and urbanization pioneered by Dixit and Stiglitz...

China in the Global Response to Climate Change


China has a huge national interest in the success of the international effort to hold human-induced increases in temperature to 1.5 degrees – and therefore in global net emissions falling to net zero by 2050.

​Ecosystem Protection in China: A New Paradigm under Ecological Civilization


This paper establishes a theoretical framework to study the fundamental changes in the concept and mechanism of China's ecosystem protection under the paradigm of ecological civilization, and its major implications for global sustainable development.

A Study on Synergizing the Reduction of Air Pollution and Carbon Emissions in China and Policy Implication


Most conventional air pollutants and carbon dioxide (CO2) are simultaneously emitted from the same sources, providing a sound theoretical basis for the synergistic governance of these emissions.

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