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The Whole Process of People's Democracy and Its World Significance


This project aims to present the background of democratic development in China and Chile, the historical process and basic political institutions of democratic development in both countries, the latest summary on democracy, and the global perspectives and future expectations of democracy.

The Rule of Law Thought Centered on the People


The project mainly focuses on comparing three aspects of the characteristics of the rule of law construction between China and Brazil, namely legislation, law enforcement, and the judiciary.

​A Comparative Study on Chinese and Western Literary Thoughts


This project focuses on the comparison of multiple texts in Chinese and Western literary ideas through a review of types and traditions within classic cases.

Research on Modernization and the Development of Women in China


Focusing on modernization and women's development in China, this project reviews and summarizes women's development in the process of promoting a Chinese path to modernization in the past decade...

Civilization Mutual Learning and Silk Road Archaeology: Centered on the Ruins of Buddhist Temples in the Middle Ages of China


This project aims to explore the characteristics of early Buddhism and the localization process after its introduction to China from the perspective of archaeological research.

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