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The Theory and Practice of Completing a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects


​Moderate prosperity is a social ideal for which the Chinese people have been striving for thousands of years.

China's Opening Up: Idea, Process and Logic


​China's opening up since 1978 has been a historical process of continuous expansion and deepening.

What Is the Driving Force of Future Development of International Trade in China?


​During over 40 years of rapid growth after China's reform and opening up, factor dividends have always been an essential basis for China's development of open economy.

Expanding middle-income earners key to long-term growth


Among a population of more than 1.4 billion in China, there are more than 400 million middle-income earners — a massive demographic indeed.

Common Prosperity and Reshaping China's Economic Cycle: Theoretical Logic and Empirical Evidence from a Political Economic Perspective


​Fostering a new development dynamic is in nature about reshaping the relations between domestic and international economic cycles to achieve self-reliance and self-strengthening at higher levels.

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