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  • WACS One-on-One Talk Series on Modernization

    WACS One-on-One Talk Series on Modernization


    Chinese modernization contains elements that are common to modernization of all countries, but it is more characterized by features that are unique to the Chinese context. Chinese modernization has enriched the connotation of modernization and the path to modernization for mankind. Modernization is the key to understand China. In this context, World Association for China Studies (WACS) launches the "One-on-One Talk Series on Modernization" to promote scholarly exchanges on the subject of modernization. WACS invites well-known experts and scholars in relevant fields to have dialogues on modernization, including subjects of economy, society, culture and technology. Scholars are invited to discuss experiences, achievements, challenges and prospects of modernization of different countries, and look into common characteristics, features of time, and national experiences of modernization.

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