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A Study of Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy

Updated: 2024-03-29



Editor-in-Chief: Zhang Yuyan

Publisher: Royal Collins Publishing Company

Publication Time: September 2022

ISBN-10: 1487809603

ISBN-13: 978-1487809607

This book outlines General Secretary Xi Jinping's diplomatic thought as: one fundamental judgment, two strategic goals, and three key areas of focus. The fundamental judgment is that we remain committed to the theme of the era of peaceful development. The two strategic objectives are to promote the establishment of a new type of international relations and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. The three key areas of focus are to promote the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, actively participate in global governance and contribute to the common values of mankind. 

An in-depth study of Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy will help us to summarize and grasp the development of the theory of major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in the new era, understand the overall layout of China's diplomacy, and observe and analyze the trend of China's diplomatic policy.

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